This is a painting I own, which I like.

It was given to me by a friend, who was also a local Realtor, John Reynolds. I bought a house from John in 1976. It was his fiancee's house. They were selling their properties so they could move to Arizona after their marriage. The house I bought was Lucille Deaton's home. She was a nice lady with whom I was acquainted for many years. When I bought her home, John gave me this painting as a house warming gift. He said he didn't know how much the painting was worth, but that it was from a local artist, Edward Norton Ward. Mr. Ward is still alive and lives in Pacific Grove. His renown as a pleinair painter has grown over the years. To me the painting is priceless as a memory of John Reynolds, as he is passed away many years ago.

I think this painting is interesting. If one has ever watched the ocean at night under a full moon, one will understand the scene's impression captured here by Mr. Ward. When I was working nights as a police officer, I had endless opportunities to watch the moon play on the sea.


Lune De La Mer

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