All the D.O.T. Tire Recapping Plant Codes

Get the Tire Recapping Plants Code list as an Excel Spread Sheet

DOT: United States Department of Transportation of which
NHTSA: National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is part.

About Tire Recapper Plant Codes:  There are over 5,000 Tire Recapper Plant Codes.  This would make for a whole lot of pages to go through. So, to keep things simple, I have put the entire file online as an Excel 97 Spreadsheet.  Depending on your browser this will either open in Microsoft Office Excel, or in your web browser.  If desired, it can also be saved to your computer where you can examine it at your leisure.

The information here is from a U.S. D.O.T. Microsoft Access database: "MANUFACTURER mdb".
The data therein is used to make these tables. The above link will take you to the DOT FTP site where this database and other publicly accessible files may be found.
You will need at least Microsoft Access 2007, Office Excel 2007 to open this database after download.
If you would like to obtain the address for a tire/tyre company corporate office, Google the particular tire manufacturer.

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