All the D.O.T. Tire Plant Codes

Tire List 1
Code 01-0P

Tire List 2
Code 0R-5M

Tire list 3
Code 5N-A6

Tire list 4
Code A7-DN

Tire List 5
Code DP-JA

Tire List 6
Code JB-N0

Tire List 7
Code N1-V4

Tire List 8
Code V5-YY

Tire Recapper
Plant Codes

DOT: United StatesDepartmentofTransportation of which
NHTSA: National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration is part.

Updated all tables 25OCT13:  Here are the latest tire codes, from the NHTSA Manufacturer Database which was last updated on 18JUL13.  Thelist now contains 944 manufacturers.
Please note, the numeral zero 0 as compared to the letter O.  When I made these lists I sorted them from 0-99 and then A to Z, starting with code zero one (01) and following through to Code YY, as referenced in the links above.

While I have made an effort to be accurate, I make NO WARRANTY as to the completeness or accuracy of these lists (see update below).
Visitors may also visit the NHTSA Data Base Look-up feature at
.  At this link
visitors may also look up various autoparts and Retread Tire Plants (over 5000!) by code number.

Notice: I do not look up Tire Company addresses because people keep asking me to look up tire companies for entire countries or regions.  Please join one of the paid associations for this service, or try an interenet search.

About Tire Recapper Plant Codes:  There are over 5,000 Tire Recap Plant Codes.  This would make for a whole lot of pages to go through. So, to keep things simple, I have put the entire file online as an Excel 97 Spreadsheet.  Depending on your browser this will either open in Microsoft Office Excel, or in your web browser.  If desired, it can also be saved to your computer where you can examine it at your leisure.  Like the tire codes, I cannot vouch for the current state of businesses listed, as this database is maintained by NHTSA.

The information here is from a U.S. D.O.T. Microsoft Access database: "MANUFACTURER mdb".
The data therein is used to make these tables. The above link will take you to the DOT FTP site where this database and other publicly accessible files may be found.
You will need at least Microsoft Access 2007, Office Excel 2007 to open this database after download.
If you would like to obtain the address for a tire/tyre company corporate office, Google the particular tire manufacturer.

If you have a general question I will try to answer it - just email me here

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